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Wellbeing Soaps Box 3 x 100 g

Pink Love


Wellbeing Soaps Box 3 x 100 g

Rose - Feuille de Thé - Rose Thé

A collection of beneficial soaps, for a moment of extreme softness that will leave your skin deliciously scented.

This box contains 3 Beneficial Soaps 100 g :

- Rose : The carnal tenderness of the petals of the Damascena Rose that stretches tirelessly over the skin like a balm of softness.
- Feuille de Thé : A warm and airy scent of Ceylon black tea enhanced by the freshness of Calabrian lemon.
- Rose Thé : The flowery, lemony freshness of a Damask rosebud, with petals beaded with morning dew.

3 x 100 g

Bathroom icons that have become pop culture icons, Roger&Gallet soaps have been perfuming since 1879. Made "in a cauldron" using a traditional method that continues to this day, they are fragrant and perfume you from their fine foam to their last use. This "in-core" perfuming technique requires 80 hours of production for each piece. Dressed in their emblematic "pleated sun" with pop colours, they are beautiful, they smell good, and they distil good mood.

Naturally Benificial

Perfumed Rose Soap is enriched in natural essential oil of rose with relaxing and soothing properties for the body and mind.
Enriched with natural black tea extract with relaxing and soothing properties for the body and mind.
Created in 1900, Rose Thé was the first Soap to be inspired by the Damask Rose, grown in Turkey. For a long time, the sweetness of its flowers remained exotic on the Old Continent.

Gently cleanses the skin without drying it out.

Up to 98% of ingredients of natural origin

In addition to being beautiful and smelling good, Roger&Gallet soap bars are natural. Made with 98% ingredients of natural origin, they are dermatologically tested. Rest assured; they will pamper your skin like no other.

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Soaps that stack up in tins, scented waters that dance to a disco tune and transform into solid perfumes....
Discover the Roger&Gallet happiness factory, where every product comes to life!

The Art of Toiletry

For the hands or for the body, the round soap offers extreme softness, while preserving the washing power of the soap. Their washing base is 100% vegetable-based and biodegradable. Only 100g of soap are needed for a hundred showers. Complete your Roger&Gallet toiletry ritual with the beneficial shower gel and the beneficial perfumed body lotion.

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